Vision & Mission


To become a model school which transforms personalities into academically sound, Physically healthy, Multi −skilled individuals with good human values to be responsible future leaders of the global community.

Mission & Objectives

To empower the student body to succeed in today's dynamic world by integrating general education and other practical skills thus providing a TOTAL education that would satiate the need of the mind, body and soul

To afford priority to the inculcation of noble values and in the enhancing of interactive participation amongst the diverse student body. To strive to foster individual talent and cultivate a high degree of responsibility and tolerance in every student.

Founder's & Chairman's message

A warm wishes to stakeholders of Lakeland Inter American School.

I am very excited about starting the academic session 2013-2014 being the founder of this School.

On behalf of Management and the staff, I would like to welcome you back to another school year filled with many exciting learning and community building opportunities. I look forward to the many possibilities that our future holds.

I wish to share the happy news that our school has been implementing numerous activities this year onwards.

The faculties who had joined in this new session are holding rich experience in the educational field and teacher's training program is conducted every month apart from educational programs conducted by professionals from time to time.

It is also decided to improve the communication and coordination between the school and families. You can help in this effort by encouraging your kids to take part in club activities, cookery classes, Kandyan dancing, music lessons and the new sports programs introduced from this year on. As always, we stand ready to assist your ward however possible.

As we are all aware, the burden of examinations is increasing. Hence, we have introduced extra classes for A1 & A2 students in line with this trend, from the academic year 2013-2014 onwards; our school has also decided to have Library and bookshop open for the whole day. This will help to ensure the students are in constant touch with their lessons and able to expand their horizons.

I record my destiny, to provide support and ensure that all students are engaged in a meaningful, thinking curriculum that immerses students in a rich learning environment which develops each child's academic skills, self-esteem, and respect for others, self-discipline and an appreciation for cultural diversity. We also have regular doctor check-ups introduced this year for the students benefit.

I urge all parents to stay actively involved in their ward's education and to appreciate and co-operate for our good deeds. The dedication and commitment for quality education with affordable cost will make us one of the best schools in near future.