Though an international school, we strive hard to help our students, who are from diverse backgrounds, to appreciate and benefit from this diversity, and live together as one well-knit family.

At LIAS students are given 'Education for Life'. Through weekly presentations that are staged at the morning assembly, students are constantly reminded of the morals, values and principles that they should learn to cultivate and live by.

Guidance and counseling is given freely, helping the student to turn a 'stumbling block' into a 'stepping stone'. The staff is encouraged to make sure that an extra effort is made to make LIAS 'a home away from home'.

The students are encouraged to mix freely and harmonize with each other, irrespective of the class they belong to or their age, making their time spent in school enjoyable and full of fun and excitement.

Classrooms - The classrooms are designed to accommodate not more than 25 students, boosting student-teacher rapport and personalized attention.

The Houses - Presently the student body is divided into two houses - The Jaguars and The Cheetahs, and is headed by the School Captain, who in turn is assisted by the School Games Captain, the House Captains, The House Vice Captains, the House Games Captains, the Treasurers and The Assistant Treasurers.

Educational tours - Students are taken on an annual field trip accompanied by the staff members.

Festivities -Main festival days of each religion are celebrated by the whole school, helping students to understand and respect all religions as propagating the same values.