The inaugural match - Lakeland Cricket Club Vs Bilton Grange Preparatory School (England)

The Lakeland Cricket Club

The Lakeland Cricket Club was organized in February 2006. Cricketers from other schools have the opportunity to enrol as members of the club.

Swimming - 'Every child swims'

Swimming is included as a compulsory activity in the class time table for all Primary School students. Besides this the swimmers are given the opportunity to develop their skills as part of a team during their weekly practice sessions.

The primary aim of the Swimming Club is to train every child to swim and then proceed to train children to take part in competitive activities such as the Pentathlon, the 2-mile sea swim, synchronized swimming etc….

The Lakeland Swimming Club will continue to work toward its vision of training every student to be a swimmer


Lakeland began its Karate program in October 2007. We are now affiliated to the All Japan Shito Ryu International Karate - Do Seiko-Kai Sri Lanka Branch.