Clubs & Societies

The English and Debating

The club meets every Thursday, and in addition to impromptu speeches and debates drama sessions and 'Do You Know' competitions are held. Five of our student-members participated in the preliminary round of the Toastmasters All- Island Speech Contest. This contest was a huge boost for their self-confidence and also exposed them to the formalities and procedures of renowned contests such as these.

The Club also launched the School newsletter 'SPARKLE' on the 6th of December 2005 and subsequently the second issue was published in May 2006. The students vied with one another to display their creative writing skills by as contributing to the magazine.

The Science club

The membership consists of students from Grade Five and upwards constitute the membership. They elect their office bearers and conduct the fortnightly meetings under the guidance of the science teachers.

Two or three current issues are selected each semester. These issues are discussed researched and debated. The students are encouraged to make various forms of presentations, which enable them to increase their awareness of the issues discussed. Issues like global warning, bird flu and mosquito borne diseases were discussed during the first and second semesters of the academic year 2006/07.

During the Summer semester, projects which involved practical skills, like ornamental fish rearing and growing of herbal plants were taken up with the objective of learning skills involved in observation, interpreting results and forming conclusions.

The Wild Life club

The Wild Life Society includes students from Grade 4. The students are encouraged to collect information about the endangered species of Sri Lanka.

The society also conducts a variety of programs such as quizzes, puzzles, presentations etc. to boost student awareness of wild life and also learn about behavioral patterns of wild animals. The students are made to realize their duty in protecting natural resources

The Social club

The Social Club comprises students from Grade 1 to Grade 3 with a few students from Pre-Grade 1. The aim of the club is to provide activities that are enjoyable and that help to develop the aesthetic sense of its members.

Activities include screening of children's films, simple cookery classes, handwork, social etiquette projects, games etc.

The club members sincerely thank the Principal for being the steering force behind every activity that the club was involved in. We are certain that the youthful sprit of all the members of this club will only take the club further and further in time to come.